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This is a custom website quoted by Please discuss your website project details with prior to making this purchase. Price shown here is an estimation only. Final price will be confirmed after project specifications are discussed.

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This is promotional website price. Requires monthly hosting of $10/month.

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Webdesign Independent Contractor

As discussed, below is what we discussed plus some additional program details.
Webdesign Independent Contractor - In your local area. Yearly subscription into the program will give you option to
partner with us to bring business from 200 mile radius from your location.
Yearly Non-Refundable Subscription of $500 for Webdesign Independent Contractor Agreement. Below are specifics.
1. Earn 50% commission on all website sales brought from you from your local area.
2. Earn $5/month residual on every active customer that you brought, that subscribes to our $15/month hosting plan.
3. Earn $100 for each additional person you recruit in other cities for similar program.
4. Enjoy no competition guarantee from my company during your active yearly subscription.
5. All billing back office is done and handled through Less work for you. However, we encourage you
to maintain your own spreadsheet, so you can keep track of your business customers.
6. Website (your choice of domain) and yearly free hosting included.
7. Up to 4 hours of training is included in the program. Typically, we estimate you will only need 1 or 2 hours.
Additional consultation hours can be purchased for just $25/hour. This gives you assurance that you will get the
needed training to be successful.
you with somoene else in your local area. No refunds will be issued. While you might not like this disclaimer, we want you
to understand that goal is very easy to achieve if you are sincerely working your part. We want to see you and ourselves
successful and having such a goal will help keep us and adhere to our strategic plan.

  • If not producing a minimum of 1 sale per month, we have the right to end the program with you and replace Disclaimer